20 Somethings

*Queues* 20 Something by Sza

Do yal remember back in high school when we thought we would have our shit together in our 20’s? How we thought we would have our dream job, married with kids, and just have this life shit figured out?! Lmao what a joke.

I’ll be 27 soon, (WTF) and my entire 20’s have been dedicated to learning, discovering, growth, and just finding out who I am as a person. And let me just say, I do NOT have my shit together. LOL

I honestly have a very hard time with embracing the unknown and the unfortunate part about that is THATS LIFE! In this season in my life a lot is unknown and I am left with trusting myself, having faith and perseverance. (And let me tell you how hard that is for me LOL.)

I am a scorpio, (virgo moon) and I am very much so a planner, and very detailed oriented. If you tell me we going somewhere, I need to know where, when, what time I need to be there, so I can plan my route, plan what I’m wearing, and calculate what time I need to start getting ready the day of so that I can be on time. So to be in this chapter where I am literally being forced to embrace and become one with the unknown is ghetto AF. I know that it will have a beautiful outcome and I will have a testimony in the end but it is draining AF sometimes for sure.

What I want to start working on, that will probably help other 2o somethings out there– is focusing on everything that I have accomplished. Often times, we are so consumed with the things we do not have, the goals we have yet to accomplish, and the places we have not yet been, that we lose sight of the present moments and blessings that we have received.

I am super guilty of this.

The next time you are feeling down, or doubting yourself and your journey, (myself included) write down some of your biggest accomplishments to date. If you can’t think that far back, try this every quarter or even every month. It is time for us to celebrate our wins, but in moderation of course. Don’t get so caught up in celebrating your wins that you lose your momentum and slow down. Celebrate what you’ve accomplished and keep pushing, the marathon continues.

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mama. doula. foodie.

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