Anjail Lynn : The Blogger

Hey Yal! Welcome to my blog! For those of you that know me, Heyyyyy and for those who don’t know me just yet– don’t worry we will become best friends through this blog!

As you already know, because my blog is self-titled, LOL my name is Anjail Lynn. To give you a little background story on me in a condensed blog post, I am 26 years old going on 80, (no really I am so sore and achy all the time! I need them Megan the stallion knees! Ok let me get back on topic).

I am a mother to a very smart, inquisitive & handsome toddler named David Jr. — you all will get to know him as Baby Dave, a girlfriend to one of the most hardworking, dedicated (and stubborn) man in the world David Sr. ( I can’t take y’all Tauruses) and I have recently assumed the role of a full-time mom-preneur.

In August of 2019, I was given an ultimatum by my job regarding my PTO (or lack thereof) and a trip I had planned some months ago. It all boiled down to a matter of choosing between attending the trip and remaining at my job, and obviously you can see what my answer was LMAO.

To some, that may seem like an irrational, quick minded decision but I was OVER that job and it was the opportunity I needed to get out. I’m not a quitter, so I did not want to quit, but at the same time, my role was no longer serving me. All I truly knew was that staying there prevented me from being happy, from being fulfilled, and from pouring into my man, my son and most importantly MYSELF. You literally CANNOT pour from an empty cup, and chile my cup was EMPTY! BONE DRY!

Anywho– my message here is not at all to quit your day job aimlessly and not have a plan. With the support and sacrifice of my family, I was able to take that leap of faith and here we are.

Straight out of high school, I went the route everyone else wanted me to go, which was to college to get a degree and then get a “good job.” Everything I’ve went through in my life taught me something valuable for sure, and I met some great people along the way too but it was time for me to make a decision for myself.

I don’t know whats next in this chapter of my life, but if I had to give it a title, it would be “Walk by Faith, not by Sight.”

At this point- I am solely focusing on what makes ME happy so that I can pour that same energy ten fold into myself and my family. I am trying to give my son a childhood that he does not have to recover from!

With that being said though, I wanted to create this blog as an outlet for myself, and therapy for others. It’s so much that you and the next person may have in common but you would never know because people are so ashamed or scared to tell their story most of the time. You never know who your testimony can inspire!

My blog is for any and everyone that is willing to read and take a glimpse into my thoughts and everyday life but my content is geared towards the everyday black millennial woman, that likes to eat, turn up with her friends every now and again & has a Phd in trap music. LMAO. (And that may end a few relatable statements with PERIOD, period.)

Through this blog, you will get to learn more about Anjail Lynn the woman, the mama, the foodie, and the doula (yes I help women bring their babies in to the world!) while I share my truths, opinions, and views on everyday life and situations. Through my own lens, I hope you can connect and find some sense of comfort in my stories. Here’s to my first blog post and the start of our new friendship!

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mama. doula. foodie.

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