How motherhood changed my life.

If you’re currently pregnant or even someone that doesn’t have children, you’ve probably heard your mom, cousin, aunt, sister, etc. talk about how having a baby changed them as a person.

It’s LITERALLY the truth.

From the moment some women find out they are pregnant, they feel that’s when they become a mother. They start watching what they eat, talking and even bonding with a baby they feel but have not seen yet. For other women, that bond and sense of motherhood does not come until the baby arrives. No matter when it hits you though, I guarantee your life will change in someway.

The truth is, pregnancy and motherhood is not all roses and rainbows and that’s okay ! Don’t EVER compare your life or even your child to your favorite influencers on the internet. Everyone’s journey is different. You are not less of a woman or a mother if your pregnancy was not enjoyable to you, or if you have moments of doubt and uncertainty about yourself & your capability to raise a human. Motherhood is hard a lot of days, and it’s way more then the posts you see of cute, cuddly babies. Sometimes they don’t sleep, you don’t get ANY personal space or private time or you’re just plain tired. It’s OK. We’ve all been there.

Honestly, from the moment I had my son, I over thought And worried about every little thing you can possibly think of. If he’d like me as a mom, if I’d be a good mom, & being SUPER conscious of the things I did not like during my childhood to be sure to nurture & support him differently. From that moment I had to realize my son, although he is my child– is completely different than me. He is his OWN person. The things I may have needed in my life as a child, he may not. The things I did not need or desire as a kid, he may. As parents we try to fill our kids with the voids that we once had as children but we can’t project our needs and our traumas on to them. It’s not fair.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a answer key to motherhood. As mothers, we just learn as we go, and grow with our child. It’s important to pay attention to the wants and needs of your child so that you can be the parent they need you to be, not the parent you want to be. There’s a difference. Use this as a reminder to be easy on yourself, be forgiving of whatever opportunities you see within yourself as a parent and just be mindful of your child in the process.

Take a deep breath and know that everything is going to be okay! You got this. The truth about motherhood is its not easy, but it is damn sure rewarding, and fulfilling. You’ll learn a lot about yourself through the birth of a child. Your journey of motherhood is yours!

Published by Anjail Lynn

mama. doula. foodie.

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