Chapter 27

Y’all – I have been MIA and I AM SORRY!

November is easily one of the most busiest months of the year for myself and my family but we made it through. Well, almost. Lmao

Besides my son’s birthday and Thanksgiving, my birthday is also in November! I don’t do too much for my birthday anymore since my son and I are 9 days apart. By the time his parties are planned and over with , I have no energy to worry about my own. I always come up with an idea and then I get overwhelmed and uninterested with the actual planning part. The older I get though, the more I just spend my birthdays reflecting on life and being thankful for being here another year.

This year, my boyfriend took me to one of my favorite spots in Detroit, Savannah Blue.

Savannah Blue is a black owned business in Downtown Detroit that I think my mom got me hip to a few years back. If I had to classify their menu, its more of an upscale soul food restaurant. With dim lighting and candles at every table, it’s definitely a date vibe. Their drinks are pretty good too.

If you follow me on Instagram, I posted the dish I get almost every time I go Lol – The Braised oxtails with cheddar risotto, a seasonal vegetable & crispy fried onions.

Coming here was the first time I ever tried oxtails. I LOVE risotto so that was really the first thing that attracted me to the dish. Once I tried it though, I literally continue to get it every single time ! It is a very rich & flavorful dish. From the cheddar risotto to the flavors in the oxtails. It is good AF okay!

All in all though – 26 (along with any other year) was filled with plenty ups and downs. From quitting my job to becoming a doula & Motherhood & lifestyle blogger, I feel like I made some great strides towards my personal wellbeing & overall happiness. The closer I get to 30 though , the more I attempt to be gentle with myself and break away from the mental timelines I created for my twenties and myself in general.

I’m learning to trust myself more — my thoughts, my intuition, my abilities.. everything. EVERY TIME I second guess myself, something happens to serve as a reminder that everything was written way before me, and will work itself out. Though its easier said then done when you’re actually in those fucked up pockets of life, I always try to remember that. It hasn’t failed me, til this day.

So here’s to a more insightful, awakened, determined, driven, and sore kneed version of myself. Chapter 27. ( That feels weird to say. I still can’t believe I’m 27! ) I am excited to see what this chapter has in store for me. . Lord willing!

Manifesting Health , Wealth & Abundance. ✨

Xoxo Anjail

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mama. doula. foodie.

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