2020 : Accountability

Hey Y’all! Happy New Year!

Every time a new year comes around, everyone starts to list a scroll of resolutions or goals that they want to accomplish in the new year. Myself included. Over the years, by at least March, I would realize my goals seemed to be unattainable or I simply forgot about them!

For some people, not accomplishing those goals can be a real attack to their confidence and self esteem, but it’s really a key to making sure those goals get accomplished once everyone is over the “New Year, New Me” high. Yeah, you have to make sure y0ur goals are S.M.A.R.T – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Based, but the secret is having accountability, or that S.M.A.R.T shit wont matter either.

Accountability – A noun that describes accepting responsibility.

Accountability can come in many different tools and apps, but the most effective form that I am seeing and implementing for myself this year is through a group of like minded individuals. Emphasis on like minded. OK? Everyone has friends, but those friends are not always on the same wavelength or may not have the same passions, goals or interests as you. So when you find that like minded tribe, thats when you strike gold!

Entrepreneurs, Creatives, Goal Driven, and Determined individuals that are all striving to achieve something! Anyone that has a passion to get better at whatever it is they’re doing, anyone that has a strength in an opportunity or weakness you have for yourself and want to work on- These are the people you want to have as accountability partners. Sure I am a blogger and doula, and I can easily find other bloggers and doulas to hold me accountable for certain business goals, but it also doesn’t hurt to have entrepreneurs or creatives from all different backgrounds to help hold you accountable. With getting input from people that are from different backgrounds, you get a different perspective and the ability to see things in a different light. All things that are super helpful for your business, goals and ideas.

So for this new year in 2020, I do have goals and ideas but I’m learning how to better execute to save myself that feeling of defeat if I can’t scratch everything off my list. The first thing being instead of overwhelming myself with a list of shit to look at for the entire year, I’ll cut those goals down into bite size pieces and focus on my quarterly goals. It gives me a specific window of time to work with which lowers my stress and anxiety. ( Again this works for me, Do what works for YOU!) And secondly- curating a tribe of people that I know are good in some of the areas that I’m not very comfortable in to help hold me accountable in achieving those goals I’ve set for myself. This does not mean that they are micro-managing me or even doing the work for me, but they are like a “coach” so to speak. Reminding me to focus on my goals when I’ve slipped up and providing insight and advice here and there as needed.

As millennials we have an advantage as our generation is full of creatives and we are just wired different! You are bound to find someone that support you, your goals, your mission, and dreams. I guarantee with an accountability partner ( or group) you’ll be sure to reach your goals and even expand your thought process around achieving them. There is a certain strength in numbers especially when you surround yourself with people that are where you want to be or better! You have no choice but to subconsciously level up and get your shit together!

Cheers to 2020 and manifesting the life we want to live in this next decade and beyond! We have all the tools we need to get to where we want to be, but sometimes we need those reminders or people to support us on our journey. I hope you find your tribe! Im rooting for you!

Published by Anjail Lynn

mama. doula. foodie.

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