Motherhood & Self-Care

So, it’s been about 5 months now that I have been home full-time with baby Dave and let me tell you chileeee, kudos to the moms who are at home with their kids all day. ESPECIALLY those moms with toddlers. I am praying for yal while praying for myself. LOL These toddlers are no joke.

Since I’ve been home, I have been extremely focused on David, making sure we are reading, bonding, doing activities, cooking and trying to keep a clean house ( ALSO impossible AF with a toddler) and I’ve totally neglected myself.

Self-Care has not been a priority for me.

We see things about self care on social media everyday, from bubble baths to face masks, and we are told that we NEED to have self care and this is true in part. But the self-care may not come in the spa day type of methods we envision.

I’ve learned to get creative with my self care routines because my time and availability is different. Along with being a full-time mom and entrepreneur, my boyfriend also has a full-time job, and works on his passions and interests as well. So our schedules are busy most of the time, and he gladly takes over the ship when I’m running low on my self care meter- but then I am faced with the tasks of deciding do I want an at home mini spa day or to nap all damn day?

That’s when I realized the endless possibilities of self care and what it means.

Sometimes self care to me is as simple as a long shower, body scrub and face mask. Other times, it’s laying in bed binge watching Love & Hip-Hop, and other times it’s all three with a few glasses of wine and some food added. LOL.

It’s your prerogative. It’s what makes you feel fulfilled, reset and rejuvanated. As moms, hell ANYBODY, we cannot do it all! You need to take time for yourself before you can help others. In the case of an emergency on a flight, you’re literally instructed to put your oxygen mask on first before you can help your child or anyone else.

How helpful are you to anyone if you are not your best self?

Something I literally have to remind myself everyday.

What are some of your favorite forms of self care? I wanna know! I Challenge you to do ATLEAST one of these things a week, and then increase the number- and see how that makes you feel. Happy self care Sunday !

Published by Anjail Lynn

mama. doula. foodie.

2 thoughts on “Motherhood & Self-Care

  1. As a WAHM and homeschooling mom, I struggle with this almost daily. Reading (or listening) to books bring me peace so I try to make time to read daily and I listen to my audio books when I’m in the car or shower.


    1. Ohhh ! How’s has working at home and homeschooling been ? I need some tips and pointers on scheduling my day ! I love how you incorporate audio books into your day as well. I need to do that !


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