The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success : January Book Review

Hey Yal! Happy February finally!!

Can we just acknowledge how long January was! It was so damn long for no reason LOL. It was so long that I still didn’t even start my January book reading until this past Monday. ( I know, I know, I’m working on my procrastination!)

One of my goals for the 202o was to read more! I set a goal of one book a month, which may be fairly easy for some but is a decent start for me. I have a really bad habit of buying books I am interested in, starting them and never finishing! This is exactly what I did with the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, actually.

I started this book back in August during a hair appointment and never finished. A few times after that, I picked up the book again but I could not keep interest. I truly believe that we receive information when its meant for us and when we are ready to internalize and digest it, so I didn’t force it. I have been going through some growing pains lately with my mindset surrounding intentions and manifesting and I figured this would be the perfect time to pick the book up.

I needed to reset and get a new outlook on a few things and this book definitely helped. For the first time in a long time, I found a book I didn’t want to put down, I took endless notes, and reflected on how I can make certain changes in my life. This book put me back in the mood for reading again, and caused me to become hyper aware of my thoughts and actions that I put out into the universe.

Deepak Chopra says there are 7 Spiritual Laws that can help us with the fulfillment of our dreams:

  • Law of Pure Potentiality
  • Law of Giving
  • Law of Karma
  • Law of Least Effort
  • Law of Intention/Desire
  • Law of Detachment
  • Law of Dharma

Now I’m not going to go through the meaning and premise behind every law just incase you want to pick this book up for a 2020 read, But I will share my favorite law and the law I feel I need to work on the most.

My favorite law is actually the Seventh law, Law of “Dharma”, also known as your purpose in life.

This law is set to remind us that there is something YOU can do better than anyone else in the whole world. When you combine expressing the talent that you have with fulfilling the needs of others, you create unlimited wealth and abundance.

I am a service based person by nature. I feel fulfilled when I serve and assist others. This law really helped me apply a different perspective into that fulfillment though. Instead of always looking for the biggest, most impactful moments and ways I can help others, I can now approach every day with the questions of “How can I help those I come into contact with?” and “How can I serve humanity?” because there is an opportunity in everyday. I no longer have to wait for specific moments, or jobs, or events. I can serve others every second of the day if I want to. I probably already do this unknowingly, but the book helped open my eyes to that realization. To find the opportunities in every moment. Even the unfavorable ones.

The Law that I struggle with the most though, would have to be the Law of Detachment. With this law, in order to acquire anything in the universe, you have to relinquish your attachment to it. You don’t release your intention or desire behind your goal, just your attachment to the result. As soon as I read this, I knew this was why I had some blockages with intentions and manifesting.

As humans, we get so caught up in wanting something so bad, or where we want to be that we totally lose sight of the present, the current journey we are in and the beauty of it. The “scenic route” to our dreams in a sense. If you are anything like me, letting go and detaching is a struggle, but we’re literally prolonging our process by avoiding this step. Through detachment you learn so much. There will be moments of uncertainty– but uncertainty is a reminder that we are on the right path. Uncertainty is our path to freedom and security.

This book was a great start off to a new year, and It is definitely one of those reads you’ll find yourself going back to every once in a while to get your shit together. If you are looking for a self-help, spiritually motivating book I would definitely recommend the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. It will help you see things from a different perspective, realizing the cause and effect behind your every thought and action. What are you reading for 2020? If you have any book suggestions for me please share!

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