Anjail Lynn

Anjail Mohammed graduated from Western Michigan University in 2015, where she received a Bachelors of Business Administration with a concentration in Management & Marketing.

In November 2017, Anjail gave birth to her first child, which sparked a desire to focus on millennial women and their maternal health in the city of Detroit.

To work towards these efforts, Anjail co-founded a social group for millennial mothers by the name of Millennials Milf’n, which was created to connect millennial mothers through the sisterhood of motherhood. These connections are created through conversation, content & events for moms and their little ones in Detroit.

A year or so after co-founding Millennials Milf’n, Anjail began to seek training to become a Birth & Postpartum doula. Still focused on millennial women and maternal health– Eternal Sunshine Doula Services was born.

Anjail has built a brand focusing on millennial motherhood, lifestyle, and maternal/infant health. She plans to continue to bring awareness to the community in areas such as labor/delivery, self-care, and postpartum.

Let’s collaborate.

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