“Don’t cry, Be a big boy!”

So yesterday, I went on a mini twitter “rant” about one of the major things I have noticed while raising a son. A common phrase I hear parents say to their boys are ” I am not babying you,” and ” Don’t cry, be a big boy!” and I feel that our community has aContinue reading ““Don’t cry, Be a big boy!””

Mompreneur and Me Interview

I recently did an interview for Mompreneur & Me, a platform dedicated to creating networking events and social gatherings for the everyday working mom. Mompreneur & Me recently started a Mom Monday Spotlight Series in which I was asked to share some information about myself and my businesses. Take a look at the interview below!Continue reading “Mompreneur and Me Interview”

How motherhood changed my life.

If you’re currently pregnant or even someone that doesn’t have children, you’ve probably heard your mom, cousin, aunt, sister, etc. talk about how having a baby changed them as a person. It’s LITERALLY the truth. From the moment some women find out they are pregnant, they feel that’s when they become a mother. They startContinue reading “How motherhood changed my life.”