The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success : January Book Review

Hey Yal! Happy February finally!! Can we just acknowledge how long January was! It was so damn long for no reason LOL. It was so long that I still didn’t even start my January book reading until this past Monday. ( I know, I know, I’m working on my procrastination!) One of my goals forContinue reading “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success : January Book Review”

How motherhood changed my life.

If you’re currently pregnant or even someone that doesn’t have children, you’ve probably heard your mom, cousin, aunt, sister, etc. talk about how having a baby changed them as a person. It’s LITERALLY the truth. From the moment some women find out they are pregnant, they feel that’s when they become a mother. They startContinue reading “How motherhood changed my life.”

Anjail Lynn : The Blogger

Hey Yal! Welcome to my blog! For those of you that know me, Heyyyyy and for those who don’t know me just yet– don’t worry we will become best friends through this blog! As you already know, because my blog is self-titled, LOL my name is Anjail Lynn. To give you a little background storyContinue reading “Anjail Lynn : The Blogger”